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  1. How do I save (and restore) my current config? I can learn new keypresses via the command line, right? The GUI is a little confusing.
  2. That is in fact my setup, which used to work splendidly. The lag/key misses are a new thing. It has been working for months without issue.
  3. Apologies for the late response -- I forgot to follow the topic. I'm using a Harmony Smart setup. I've added a new remote recently, but that just sends signals to the IR blaster, which hasn't changed, and other equipment responds instantly. I've also had the flirc in my laptop (win7 x64 pro) and that shows the same behavior. I have other (non universal) remotes, is there a way I can test whether the flirc does respond to those?
  4. My flirc currently misses the bulk of the signals, and even when it picks them up, it will be after a delay. I'm on the latest firmware, 2.6.
  5. I'm having this same issue currently. I use a harmony smart hub with the Flirc profile from Harmny, the flirc used to work OK in this combo, but now it reacts to approx every other click, with usually a delay of about a full second.
  6. I have flirc mostly running on an android box with xbmc. I have set up a harmony remote with the Flirc profile, which works almost perfectly, but I need the "back" button to send the "esc" command. How can I do this? Edit: did a quicky test, and it turns out the Flirc produces space for "exit", and backspace for the back key. But if I do "flirc_util record escape" I get "button already exists". Escape is indeed tied to a key, but I have no idea which; the settings say "257BC215 escape" I've seen the FAQ suggesting "use any other remote", but I don't know what that means. Should I set up a boxee remote in MyHarmony? And then do what? Edit: I was able to edit the keys with flirc_util
  7. Same here -- on FW2.5, looking to set up my harmony. Do I still need to look for beta FW, or has this been added to mainline by now?
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