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  1. This is the remote I'm trying to use. The codes that the Samsung repeater is using should match it. The flirc device learns the signal initially then does not recognize them after the learning process completes.
  2. I use my flirc device with Windows Media Center. It goes through the learning process. However, when I try to use the remote after it has been learned the flirc program does not recognize the commands it says it just learned.
  3. I eventually got the device to work properly with the remotes. However, the repeater coming out of the television is only recognized during the learning process. After the signal is learned it will no longer recognize the signal.
  4. I can not seem to get any of my remotes to work with the program. The device seems to learn properly, but when I try to use the remote it does not seem to recognize anything. I've used my Samsung, Onkyo, Windows Media Center, and Xbox remotes (I think I read that one isn't supported yet anyway.) I have also tried to use random remote codes from my Samsung Smart TV. No buttons seem to work at all other than during the initial learning process.
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