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  1. I have 2 Windows 7 Media Center computers in the same room. One is normally the media server, and the other is normally my PC, but sometimes I need to switch if I've recorded something that is cable card encrypted, copy protected as play once, and gets recorded on my PC, but not on my media server. The system includes 2 SiliconDust HDHomeRun Primes, a Pioneer Elite Receiver/ Home Theater, a regular, generic, non-programmable, HP WMC remote and a Lenovo WMC USB IR receiver, and it all works ok. I also have a Harmony 700. I now also have added an HP MediaSmart TV Remote (remote only, no HP T
  2. I'm new here and to the flirc as well. Having read a bit about it, on a few different occasions, it seems that it should be able to map to that remote in the MediaSmart TV mode. I hope so, as I have the same one. When certain devices are loaded into the remote's DVD, AVR, and AUX devices, many keys aren't normally valid, so they do nothing. For instance, if there is a Home Theater loaded into the AUX setup, the play and stop buttons, among numerous others do nothing. If one looks at the red CBL, DVD, AVR, and AUX device LEDs of Bone's remote during key presses, they will light whe
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