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  1. Awesome. #3 doesn't work (it only suspends the computer)... but since #2 solves my problem - I don't care as much as I have my computer going to sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity. Thanks for taking time to help me solve the problem - I'll pass on the solution if stumble upon same question.
  2. OK, I think I've elimintated all other possible possible problems: 1. Wake computer from USB (S3) is enabled in BIOS 2. Sleep state computer is entering is not below S3. 3. I can wake up my computer using keyboard or mouse that are also plugged into USB ports So, I presume I am hitting a dead end since Flirc's driver doesn't support power management? Or is there anything I can do? I'm using GUI 1.2.2 and I've updated firmware to 2.3. Thanks in advance for any help - I would really love if this was possible to do - if I need to install custom driver or anything like that, let me know. EDIT: I also have a bluetooth keyboard connected, and it suffers from the same problem - it's not able to wake up computer. It also has no power management tab when I bring up device driver from device manager. So, it's definitely driver issue... it is possible that I solve this with custom libusbK driver?
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