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  1. How does one go about setting up multiple profiles on the FLIRC and setting up a harmony button to switch between the two? Having a "watch MCE" button that fired off commands related to MCE and the same for XBMC would be ideal, but how would I tell the FLIRC to switch modes via an IR command?
  2. Hello all, Just purchased a new Flirc and the device looks promising, but I'm having an issue I haven't been able to resolve via searching the forum. I have an HTPC / Media Server that I plan to run Windows Media Center on (for live and recorded TV, my cable company makes this the only usable software for DVR functionality) and either XBMC or Plex (I don't really care which) for all other local media / music. I want to program a FLIRC to interact with my Harmony One remote in BOTH programs and be able to switch profiles when I select the 'Watch WMC' or 'Watch XBMC' activities on the remote. Is this even remotely possible? The only solution I've found is somewhat advanced - it requires me to remap every shortcut in XBMC to match the shortcuts in WMC, and I've heard that doing this won't give me any DVR-button-functionality in WMC. Has anyone done this or can they point me in the direction of an alternate solution? I'd just use MCE for everything but it's pretty horrid for file streaming. Thanks in advance!
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