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  1. Well, after much experimenting including confirming that the software works on my daughters Macbook Pro Retina 2013 model I guess it is the fact I am running on what is otherwise a 100% working Hackintosh....errrr....I guess I'll now have to say 99.9% compatible as Flirc is the only app/program I've run across that completely hoses my system. I even played around with alternate boot loaders, safe mode, different UEFI BIOS settings etc etc....but no luck. NOW HERE'S THE WEIRD PART!!!! In a "smack myself on the forehead" moment I decide to boot up the Windows 7 Virtual Machine under WMWare Fusion 6, running on my Hackintosh system (the one that crashes with the Flirc app, remember? <_< ), and install the Windows 32/64 Installer. IT WORKS! It doesn't crash the system...GO FIGURE. So umm, woohoo, I'll be able to set up the Flirc when it gets here without having to borrow the daughters MBP (the one I paid for) to do it.
  2. I installed the Flirc plugin on XBMC and got the same system lockup. Hopefully this works when my Flirc arrives but I don't have high hopes. I even tried booting in safe mode with the same results.
  3. I just ordered my Flirc dongle and figured I'd install the software before it gets here. Running the software causes my Hackintosh box to lock up solid. Zero response and the only way out is a hard reset. Is this normal behaviour if the Flirc dongle isn't plugged in? Hope I haven't made a mistake but lots of other people in the Hackintosh community seem to use Flirc with no problems. thanks edit: OSX 10.9.2 Flirc.dmg from the site
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