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  1. Hi guys I have tried searching for anyone experiencing this problem, but it seems I am alone on this (for current FW, at least) All was fine until I had the bright idea of upgrading my Flirc (delivered with FW V1.0 about a year and a half ago). I downloaded the lateset GUI, installed, and forced a FW upgrade. All seemed to go well, and the GUI now connects and reports a V2.3 Flirc but whenever I try to program a button from my Harmony 300 (loaded with the Flirc XBMC profile) I just get a "Button already exists" message. Before any button is pressed on the remote! I tried downloading someone elses Harmony fcfg file and using that, but no luck. I cannot find an older FW .bin file to load back on to the Flirc. Any assistance is appreciated. Dhiren
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