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  1. Thanks for the response, that clears up some of the things I wasn't sure about. Do you know if (for most universal remotes) if you program TV mode to your TV, then use DVD mode for HTPC/FLIRC, if the volume buttons would still do TV volume control while in DVD mode? That copying option is interesting. I'm sure I can find some useless remote around to teach all the buttons I want to use. In the end I may go with a two-remote solution, but that could be a bit annoying if I need to pick up a different remote depending if I want to change the volume or pause a show. It also doesn't help me get the wife moved over to using HTPC. :) Or I have to get over my need for advanced XBMC controls and just live with the basics.
  2. I recently got an FLIRC and I love it so far. The problem I have though is that in any mode my TV remote takes too many buttons for TV functions, so I'm left with very few I can program. (Well I can program them, but they will simultaneously do something on the TV if I press them). I'd like to be able to use quite a few buttons so I can get great XBMC functionality. I saw some inexpensive (< $15) Philips universal remotes at Walmart and I might pick up one of those in hopes of getting more usable buttons. Does anyone have experience with these (e.g. SRP4004/27)? Are they recommended for FLIRC? Alternately what are some popular remotes that people are using with FLIRC? Preferably relatively inexpensive, keyboard on it wouldn't hurt. What are the developers of FLIRC using? In a perfect scenario (not sure if this is possible), I'd like: - single remote to control TV (in VERY basic way) and HTPC - i leave it in the same mode all the time - power/input/mute/vol/channel buttons ONLY control TV - every other button on remote available to be programmed for FLIRC If I had to switch between TV and another mode it wouldn't be the end of the world, but I'd like a good number of buttons to be available for the HTPC. I definitely want the volume button on the remote to control TV volume even when I'm in whatever mode I use for my HTPC. I don't want to have to switch remote modes to go from pausing a show to changing the volume. Any advice would be great.
  3. +1 This would be really great. The only reason I need a mouse is when navigating titles in web-based Netflix in Windows. I keep a Bluetooth mouse nearby, but it isn't that convenient and I need to make sure it's charged. It would be great if we could use mouse keys in combination with long key presses in FLIRC. So for example if you tap the "6" button it would do 6, but if you press and hold the 6 button it would do Numpad 6 which would be mapped to mouse keys. I'm also wondering if autohotkey might be able to help out with mouse movement.
  4. Update: Apparently I had the "noise reduction" option on, and once I turned that off things started working much better. I find the response time not quite where I'd like it to be, but I saw some ideas in other threads to address that. Nothing to see here.
  5. I just got an FLIRC and I'm having a rough time with my Sharp LC-46E77UN TV remote. I am finding that it is missing a lot of key presses. I have to push a button anywhere from 1 to maybe 10 or more times before I get a response. Also if I press and hold a button it starts repeating VERY rapidly immediately. It doesn't give the "gradual speed increase" I've come to expect in XBMC. I've got the FLIRC out in the open not far from me. I know the remote itself is ok because if I browse the TV menus directly everything responds fine. Also I think the physical FLIRC is fine because if I try another remote (that I can't use permanently) it seems ok. I have forced the firmware update to the latest. Any tips?
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