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  1. Hello, I have just purchased a FLIRC and I am in the process of setting it up. I got FLIRC v1.2.2 installed on Windows 7 x64 and the FLIRC connected. Everything looks fine and the FLIRC is recognize as connected. However, when I hit go to try and pair up none of my remote controls work at all. Meaning the UP button which I am trying to pair up keeps flashing. Can someone point me to a possible answer to this? Are none of my remotes supported (I tried six of them)? Maybe there is a special spot to aim at? They are just normal DVD/TV remotes. Also just in case I put new batteries in them and tested them with their respective TV/DVD players. I have included a picture of my remotes. Thank you for your time. ----------------------------------------------------------- Update, got it working on windows 7 x32 bit. I tried doing the same thing on my laptop which has windows 8 x64 bit and it fails as well. However, here it does not wait for me to hit the button on the remote, it does itself then says that a button has already been asigned. So I went ahead and tried it on another computer which has windows 7 x32 bit and here it worked flawlessly. I then put it in my raspbmc and it worked with no problems whatsoever. This was with firmware v2.3 and Flirc v1.2.2. I can only speculate that is does not like my windows x64 bit operating systems. I documented it in case anyone else has the same problem. Thank you, issue solved.
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