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  1. If I update the firmware using the linux version of the application, will it be correctly recognised in Windows afterwards?
  2. Forgot to mention: Even if the GUI does not find the FLIRC, my remote appears to be working as expected for all buttons I already defined in the GUI previously.
  3. Hello, I have a few problems with my FLIRC, using the GUI 1.2.2 on Win 7 x86_64: Whenever I start the GUI, I see "Disconnected" in the status. If I unplug and replug the FLIRC in a USB port that was not used in the past for it, the driver installs and it get recognized by the GUI. When recognized, I can (could, since I used all my USB ports in the meantime...) define key mapping using the GUI. I tried to update the firmware using the "Advanced>Force FW Update" menu, but this caused the GUI to hang each time (after it discovered a new version and I clicked to proceed). Even if the GUI does not recognize the FLIRC, it appears in the Device manager Zadig indicates the correct driver for FLIRC (interface 1): libusbK v3.0.6.0 The GUI indicates firmware v-16.-16 when I manage to get it to work. I already tried several installations of the GUI (including older versions) as well as uninstalling the device in Device Manager but to no avail. Any clue on how I could upgrade the FW and get the GUI to work in a more predictable way? Thanks in advance for your help. I can do some more research/debug if needed.
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