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  1. My flirc has been acting up. I'm using a Phillips universal learning remote on a Win7 64bit machine. When I first set it up a few weeks, worked like I expected. Recently, I wanted to redo some keys. I could ERASE the old remote keys. It would say it erased the key, but the keyboard function still works when I press the remote button. And the the right arrow button stopped working for some reason. The right button on the remote no longer activated the right arrow button from Flirc. Should do a clean slate and retrain it? Edit: using the latest firmware as of 3-16-2014. This is the remote. http://www.usa.philips.com/content/B2C/en_US/product-catalog/SRU5107_27.html
  2. Hi all, This isn't really a Flirc question, but I imagine Flirc users run into this a lot. I have XBMC installed on Win7 PC w/ flirc. On my LG TV remote, the "enter" button in the middle of the 4-direction key performs the enter function on XBMC. It works like it should. However, the enter key ALSO makes the TV display the current "program information" pop up menu. Obviously, when the HDMI input is on the HTPC, there is no program information and anyways I don't want the program information menu to pop up. Is there any way to inhibit this for the TV? Every time I press enter during XBMC navigation, the "program information" menu on the TV also pops up and I have to press the exit button quick to clear that pop up. The curious thing is this. Before I set up my current HTPC, I was using a Raspberry Pi without a Flirc. The raspberry pi has CEC, and TV forwards the enter key to the pi works the way I expect, with the bonus that the TV somehow knew to inhibited the "program information" popup. And...I know this sounds weird, but I swear that the first day I had the HTPC set up, the enter key on the remote DIDN'T make the TV display the Program Info pop up. I've dug through the TV menu and there's no option to disable the "program information" feature. Do you guys have this problem? My TV remote doesn't have any other device modes, so I can't simply use a dummy device mode just for the flirc so the TV ignores the arrow keys. The enter key is the only key the TV has trouble with. The TV ignores arrow keys when it's not in a menu screen.
  3. Bump. I'm also interested in this. You can kind of do the same thing if you have different device select modes on your remote - if you don't use a cable box, but your remote has a cable box function, then you can use the cable box function to essentially be a second profile, just have to make sure it's set to a different IR profile. But my TV doesn't have that function so I'd like to not have to get a whole different remote. If I can assign one of the remote buttons as a profile toggle function for the Flirc, that would be nice.
  4. I'm using my TV remote as the flirc remote. Mostly I'm just using the arrow buttons for XBMC, and the play/pause/volume buttons for XBMC/Netflix. When I'm watching TV (not on the HTPC) and happen to click one of the flirc buttons on the TV remote, it also does some things on the HTPC. It's usually not a big deal, but we don't always leave the HTPC in a "good" state for random arrow presses. Sometimes we leave it in the middle of a movie, and accidentally pressing the play button gets the movie going again even though we're not watching it (HDMI input on some other device for example). Does anyone else run into this issue? Is there a way to make Flirc smarter? I'm not sure how to define the conditions under which Flirc should take inputs, since the HTPC has no idea whether its HDMI input is currently selected by the TV...maybe someone here has a good idea? I've thought about using separate remotes, or using a universal remote that has different device inputs, so for example the cable box mode operates the HTPC only. But then I won't be able to use the regular TV remote for HTPC functions because it doesn't have device modes.
  5. Thanks. It didn't occur to me to look for a netflix addon to XBMC. It looks good.
  6. Hello, I'm a new Flirc user, using this on a Win7 HTPC. There's only a few applications that I would like to use the Flirc to launch - XBMC, Firefox browser (for Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon video). I read the blog post about using a program call "Alauncher" to link IR remote to a short launch list. Is there a free program for windows like that? Specifically, it seems like there are apps that'll link hot keys to specific apps, but I like to idea of one remote button bringing up a list, and I can pick from the list using the arrow buttons. That way, four apps won't translate to 4 different remote buttons being taken up. Idealy, this program would let me specific shortcuts that would go to netflix.com or hulu.com directly, not just open up the browser. Also connected to this question - is there a way to use the directional pad on the remote to do mouse movement? I'd like to toggle between mouse and keyboard movement. This would be useful when selecting a short list of things to watch on Netflix. I'm usually watching what I watched recently, so I won't need a lot of mousing around. Thanks!
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