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  1. I did, but perhaps not enough. I lowered it, but I'll play around with it some more tonight. Thanks.
  2. I searched around and didn't find anything. I am using a Tivo Premiere remote with XBMC. Flirc software up to date. When I originally programmed my flirc for XBMC, holding down the volume controls would continuously change the volume, as expected. However, after reseting my remote to factory (so that it would cease to also control the television) and reprogramming my flirc, holding down the volume +- buttons changes the volume by only a single increment (as if I had pressed and quickly let go.) Has anyone else experienced this? I have reprogrammed twice now with no luck. Perhaps it's the remote, I don't know, but changing the volume is now a huge PITA. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. EDIT: Actually, I seem to have lost repeat on hold functionality in all buttons (directions, etc)
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