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  1. I have had my flirc for about a month and had it connected to a Raspberry Pi running Raspbmc. I programmed the flirc using my Window 8 PC and everything worked fine. Fast forward to today. Turned on the Pi and it booted up but the remote didn't respond. unplugged and plugged in the flirc but still nothing. I plugged a keyboard into the USB port the flirc was using and it worked fine so I know the port is working. I took the flirc to the PC that I used to program it and plugged it in. The beeped as it does when a new device is plugged in but the flirc software said the device was disconnected. I checked device manager and under "Other devices" there is a device labelled "bootldr" with a yellow exclamation mark. I can't seem to make it work. I tried advanced settings from the flirc client but all of the options are greyed out. Help!
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