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  1. Is there/will there be any support for using the Flirc inside ChromeOS (on Chromebox) or is this OS "locked" by Google so it's simply not possible? I know there are several using Flirc on Chromebox/Chromebook running OpenELEC but I'm wondering if it's possible in the default ChromeOS.
  2. I could definitely do that. Actually, that's what I've done and it works perfectly :) This was just an idea for "future projects" for the Flirc (and maybe not the way Flirc is headed...). Imagine you also have another room with a Media Center computer and you want to control also that device iPhone/Android/iPad. Right now you need to get a Flirc to receive the IR-signals + iTach WF2IR to send IR signals to the Flirc. But if there was an "OpenRemote Flirc-version" there would be no need for the iTach WF2IR since OpenRemote would be able to communicate directly to the Flirc. What I'm after is to be able to control ALL my devices in my house with my iPhone/iPad/Android and without the devices to be in IR-range.
  3. Just ordered a Flirc for my Raspberry to use with my Apple Remote since the Flirc seems like the easiest way to get things working - GREAT! But this might be an idea for "future Flircs". In my living room I have a media cabinet with a Receiver, DVD, TV and a Mac Mini (running Plex). Since this is a closed cabinet, IR won't work and I rather control everything from ONE remote than several. So to solve this, I have installed a GlobalCaché iTach WF2IR. This device receives commands from the OpenRemote controller installed on my NAS. Then I have OpenRemote Panel installed on my iPhone to control each device. All of them connected to my WLAN so when I press a button on my iPhone panel, it sends the command to the controller which sends the command to the iTach which converts the signal to the IR emitters and sends it to the device (Receiver, TV etc). Have you seen iRuleAtHome? Well, this is more or less the same thing but Open Source. If you want more info on my setup, see this post (not yet updated for Raspberry/Flirc). So here's my idea. The devices I can control is limited to the media cabinet in the living room since the IR emitters needs to be connected to the iTach with cables (a few meters)? If I need to control my media PC (Raspberry) in the bedroom I would need to get another iTach ($150) and connect 1 IR emitter to that which sends the command to the Flirc. Now, wouldn't it be better if there was a "WLAN version" of the Flirc compatible directly with Flirc? First, it shouldn't set you back $150 and second, it would receive power from the USB port rather than a dedicated power adapter like the iTach. Sure, this might not be the way Flirc is heading and development would probably take a while, but if you're up to another challenge... ;) Keep up the good work!
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