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  1. After spending a lot of time trying to get it to work the way I want it to, I think I have come to the conclusion that the only way to do what I need is the ability to program a little macro so a single remote press can be a set of key combinations. Others have had this issue, the Apple silver remote behaviour is different when Kodi is on an Apple device vs a dedicated device, eg openElec. I am not talking about long press, I have read that topic. I am looking to move from our aging mac mini with Kodi to openelec running on a Fitlet. However, this issue is the one thing currently stopping us making the change, the family hates it and complains. On Mac Kodi, the menu button both stops playback (eg key X) and goes back (eg backspace). THere is nothing in the Kodi keymap which seems to have this behaviour. It may be possible in the bowels of Kodi but if it was a simple matter to create a set of key combination macros that could be programmed to a button, the X and Backspace could be fired 0.25 of a second (or less) apart to have this effect. This could also be extended to allowing simultaneous key combinations as also mentioned elsewhere. If there is a way of doing this in Kodi, please let me know but I have not found it. Thanks
  2. I had all sorts of issues with this combo initially. Major lag in the menu's button pushes not being recognised, menus would freeze for 10-15 seconds etc. We were coming off a Mac Mini 2011 running XBMC under OSX so the issues were very noticable. The XBMC Remote android app had none of these issues (when used in parallel). Content was coming from a NAS over gigabit LAN that has no speed issues (read speed can continuously stream over 50MB/s, often much higher in tests writing to an SSD). My Missus and kids hated it. My Flirc had firmware 1.6, the apple remote was new, Openelec was the latest at v 3.2.4. The setup was the quick setup for a minimalist remote. I tried overclocking my Pi (up to 950MHz) but that had no effect, neither did a faster SD card. I then updated the flirc firmware to 2.3 , wiped the config and re-programmed based on the full keyboard controls for XBMC and the problems have largely gone now. The menu traversal is much faster and more stable (although still not as quick as the Mac Mini or the xbmc remote app but now the kids have stopped complaining). The minimalist remote setup is not quite enough for the apple remote, the ability to map the spacebar to the play/pause button gives back the funcitonality I was used to. Perhaps there could be a "Minimalist plus" quick config specifically for the apple remote that includes the extra button? It is a quick, cheap and robust remote perfectly suited to day to day operations of XBMC. Now I just need to stop my Samsung TV recognising it as an Anynet+/HDMI-CEC device and it will all be fine. (Samsung remote takes over and gets it wrong). It has to be in XBMC somewhere, just need to find it. Hope this helps someone. Cheers Ben
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