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  1. I found 2 old remotes saved from bin few years ago. Both have Play and Pause buttons separately. Both have the same behaviour; - Play with the first press Play button and play again from beginning with the second press. - Toggle file view/play list with Pause button - Stop paying with Stop button When a button is recorded with the xbmc profile then we con go to the keyboard profile and press recorded remote buttons, then key turn green according to the remote button pressed. So Play button sends p key Pause sends space bar Stop sends x key sudo ./flirc_util keys allows to check that as well. ($ sudo ./flirc_util settings as well) Could you run it and post please? I don't have a USB keyboard to compare when press p or space bar. BTW: I just note that my request in the other thread " Keyboard key (action) mapped to more than 1 remote key" is implemented. If you have more than 1 remote or 1 remote with more than 1 profile, you don't need to delete the previous record for one button to record a new button code to the same key (action). Not easy to explain. For example, you record Play button from the remote 1 with the xbmx profile, > is green. You can record the Play button from the remote 2 with the xbmc profile, > will be green as well. Look at the CLI command: $ sudo ./flirc_util keys Recorded Keys: Index hash key ----- --------- --- 1 9D6C74B0 tab 2 5F5A4B9D home 3 5B1B6912 escape 4 5B06EC4E x 5 9DC159A3 c 6 5B68E519 up 7 1917DA7B left 8 99BE5F32 right 9 5729038F down 10 5BAC361F return 11 99298E70 backspace 12 5F7C2097 , 13 5F386CE9 . 14 9D7D089E pageup 15 9D7D6728 pagedown 16 1D89F0E4 i 17 5BF9F14B / 18 5FF41AE4 p 19 8096252F p 20 862411 space 21 6104EE71 p 22 61C0603E space 23 61040FBF x I have 3 p keys, 2 space and 2 x. This is what I was saying in the other thread.
  2. I got it with flirc_util loadconfig but is it a bug with the GUI? If you could try, don't need to delete the flirc just see if you get the file to choose.
  3. I saved my previous configuration in file (File > Save configuration) but GUI can't find the file when I want to load it back. What should be the file extension as the GUI didn't add one? If you know it...
  4. I didn't, just I was thinking that I never win lotto but I get a lot of computer issues. (At this time I use Linux Mint-Mate, when I click Places>Home Folder, it open VLC and play music from another HDD... and more issues) Back to the point: I use Denon RC-1167 from my AVR-2313 Good pic here: http://www.amazon.com/Denon-Rc-1167-Remote-Control-Rc1167/dp/images/B00BA08UB0 I didn't change keyboard.xml, even don't know where it is. Localisation OE and XBMC are done. I changed the "remote sends keyboard presses", nothing better I erased all the Flirc then recorded with xbmc profile: Play button with 4 different keys Pause button with 1 other key Still the same on all buttons BTW, no keyboard connected to Pi only mouse.
  5. I use xbmc profile: When I map Play/Pause ( >/|| ) remote button to Pause key ( || ), usage is; swap between folder with files list (.. at the top) and play list. When I map Play/Pause ( >/|| ) remote button to Play key ( > ), usage is; start to play at the beginning and start to play at the beginning (again). Not so easy. So what I can do?
  6. I'd be very happy to get this feature and avoid me to buy another remote. Is it in the to do list? How long it will take?
  7. Do you have an idea how I could setup Flirc to have Play/Pause on only one button with Openelec on Raspberry Pi?
  8. In my Denon remote, when I select Media Player, 4 arrows, Enter, |<, >|, Play/pause, page up/down are available as the AVR doesn't react. It's depend on the type of remote. If the feature exist you are free to use it or not. If the feature doesn't exit you have no choice.
  9. Flirc Version v1.2.2 [v1.2.2] 2.3 01-25-2014 [0x3DB4D4F3] Linux Hi, When I want to record \ (backslash) key, I select it in the Controlers > Full keyboard. The key is green (Press the button to be paired with 'backslash'), I press the remote button (Recorded successfully). I test it and press again the remote button and the #3 key turn green not the \. ./filrc_util settings says hash: 5BF9F14B key:/ Very strange. I did the test few times and after reboot my Linux box. I don't know if this is a GUI or firmware issue.
  10. Hi, This is an idea, not very important for me right now but could be convenient. Let say you have a usual remote for some devices. At the top of the remote you have few keys to choose the device to send the beam: TV, DVD, SAT, PLAYER, AUX... First you press the device key and then press the action key to the selected device. What is the purpose of the play, pause, fast forward, etc when you select TV? Nothing. When you select PLAYEUR key the above keys are used to the right action for the player and mapped. Note the codes are not the same when device selected is TV or PLAYER. It could be usefull to map the play, pause, fast forward, etc to command the player with the both selected devices TV and PLAYER for example. So, to be able to map 2 or (more ?) remote keys (different codes) to 1 keyboard key (action). What do you think?
  11. Oops, sorry this is a Flirc forum and I forgot to tell that. I have a Raspberry Pi with Openelec version 3.2.4 In fact the behaviour is what is in this page for SPACE key in column GLOBAL http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Keyboard_controls playlist / file manager but not play/pause in column video playback or Music visualisation Thanks
  12. At first I mapped the play/pause key with the p key; This doesn't fulfil my requirement. Then I mapped the key with space bar; When I use the key, music doesn't play/pause but I have only a change in the file list. How to map with space bar and get play/pause?
  13. Hi, I didn't find an answer in the forum, so: My remote has only 1 key for play/pause. Is it possible to assign a toggle key with play/pause (play when in stop/pause and pause when in play) in the Flirc? In Flirc software all the controlers have 2 separate keys. If not how do you manage to have play and pause in you remote? Many thanks
  14. Hi, Same problem with same error message "...404 Not Found" However I can share a tested workaround for Linux: 1 - Dowload the file here http://www.flirc.tv/downloads_linux/ 2 - Extract the zip 3 - Open a Terminal 4 - Go into the folder (ie: cd Downloads/Flirc-v1.2.2-x64) 5 - Enter: sudo ./Flirc 6 - Enter you root password You can use the utility as well sudo ./flirc_util then choose an action then ie: sudo ./flirc_util version Hope this will help
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