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  1. I use Flirc with second gen TiVo peanut remote and all buttons mapped perfectly. I even have the volume directly controlling my surround sound system and the power button controls the TV. It gives me a more integrated solution than a MCE remote.
  2. an alternative to changing the Flirc binary is to make two separate deb packages with bash scripts calling the correct graphical sudo program and flirc.deb as a dependency. For example... #flirc-kde #!/bin/bash exec "kdesu Flirc" #flirc-gtk #!/bin/bash exec "gksu Flirc" and install with "sudo apt-get install flirc-gtk" (this is where apt-get will ask for permission to install gksu and flirc.deb as dependencies and yada yada yada)
  3. In order to program Flirc from a debian Linux OS such as Ubuntu, you must do so as a privileged user. try "sudo Flirc" from command line in your terminal and the status should show as connected and there is no need to use a second computer. If you are advanced with Linux configuration, you can configure your user account to have "root" privileges but that decreases system security. TO ADMINISTRATOR: As a fellow Linux developer, I would recommend that the Flirc binary ask for administrator password and run as root automatically to make programming Flirc seamless on ANY Linux OS where sudo is allowed. Have a great day everyone! - Double T - doublet30@hotmail.com
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