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  1. Do the important commands work with the XBMC profile? I know Plex is an XBMC spin off but they do seem to have changed some of the commands.
  2. Doesn't anyone else use this combination?
  3. Hi all, I have just ordered my Flirc and I'm waiting for it to arrive. In the mean time I want to get my Harmony One programmed and ready to go. I've read through the forum and from what I've understood Flirc works quite easily with XBMC and when I went to myharmony.com and added the Flirc and typed XBMC as the model and it seemed to work great with a full key mapping. I tried the same with Plex but it didn't seem to work in fact when I checked the mapping there were no commands assigned to any of the buttons. I know Plex is an offshoot of XBMC so a lot of the XBMC key mapping should work but it is slightly different. Is there a specific Plex profile for the Harmony?
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