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  1. that tip about putting the flirc in the back USB port of my htpc has resolved my issue. The remote still works properly but the kinect doesnt interfere with it anymore. I would never have thought the flirc dongle wld still work tucked away back there so I never considered trying that. thanks everyone.
  2. hi thanks for the reply. I tried your advice, and wiped and re-programmed in a completely different room and I test again and same issue the UI just keeps scrolling whenever I navigate. I dont suppose you or anyone else would have any other advice ?? thanks again
  3. After attempting to use 3 different remotes and having an issue with all of them where a single directional press would send the windows media center UI spinning like a poker machine, i eventually narrowed the issue down to the kinect on my xbox one, by blocking its sensor (putting a cushion in front of it :-)) and being unable to reproduce the issue, and able to reproduce it again when unblocked. Im wondering if anyone has any advice on how I can prevent this happening as I want to continue using the kinect in the same room as the flirc. I understand the kinect sends ir signals in the room but dont understand why its breaking flirc. thanks.
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