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  1. Something like this should alow you to set next/previous item in your playlist, just replace one and two with key you want. <keymap> <global> <keyboard> <one>skipnext</one> <two>skipprevious</two> <l>toggledebug</l> </keyboard> </global> </keymap> If you would like to have next/previous item in audio section and next/previous chapter in full screen video assigned so same latter something like this should do the trick. Unfortunately I do not have any video with chapters to test right now. </keymap> <mymusicplaylist> <keyboard> <a>skipnext</a> <b>skipprevious</b> </keyboard> </mymusicplaylist> <fullscreenvideo> <keyboard> <a>nextscene</a> <b>previousscene</b> </keyboard> </fullscreenvideo> </keymap>
  2. reason I asked is /as you know) you can assign different function in different section. So skip chapter in video could be next item in audio section.
  3. Sorry abut bad info Just one more question chapters is video, next/previus item also video or audio?
  4. Sorry my English is a bit rubbish, so just to be clear on what you mean. 1. When you say "next/previous chapter" that is during video playback? 2. "next/previous file in a playlis" is when browsing video/audio files or during playback of audio or video files?
  5. I have not tried but have seen that there is beta firmware for long press then you can assign two different functions to same button - if I am not mistaking.
  6. IMHO... Problem is in fact that you have removed windows shell - explorer an with it explore's auto play function. This function searches for removable drives and devises. In other words - your pc has no ability to discover your usb dongle. If you can access cmd after boot you can enter mmc devmgmt.msc That will open your device manager, try searching for hardware changes and see what happens. If that works well then it is 100% explorer problem. Perhaps better solution would be to make eventghost shell, it has system plugins, maybe there is a way to force search of hardware with eventghost
  7. Sorry I was not around :/ Sometimes antivirus programs produce so called "false positive" - i think this is the case here. Further more Keymapedit is developed by member of XBMC team - so logic would say that if you trust them to install whole XBMC you should trust hem for this also. :) You can always download some other AV program and scan with it, also you can ask at XBMC forum. Me personally never had my AV report it as virus. Chears Burke
  8. Hi hhbernd, Firts of all what you can do with remote if using flirc is what ever you can do with xbmc and keyboard - does not metter what remote you use. Sorry my Eng. is not as good as I would like it to be so I tend to miss understand some things. Now you would like to heve "buttons" on your screen all the time? Menu you describe is music OSD and is called with "M" when playing music in full screen. Basically - you "play" some audio file and press "tab" to go to full screen music playback +m to call osd. Not shore will OSD want to stay "on" all the time :( To call any function/script directly, such action must be coded in XBMC - for instance in new versions of XBMC you can directly call subtitles menu - before it was not the case. Here is a complete list of window IDs that can be called directly - unfortunately I don't see no way here to call that window directly I am not saying there is no way - I just don't see it - sorry. Now if you need an easier/faste way to access VIsualization window it could be done to some extent, I think what bothers you (it bothered me for subtitles) is when you press m - focus of osd is on "pause" so you have to klik your way to button you use 90% time you call osd, you don't need osd for play pause - you have remote. If so just say -- it is not a big thing - just simple point of changing one number with another in one xml file in one directory - which depends on skin you use :) Hope this make some sense to you
  9. F3 - direct suspend/shutdown F7 - will execute CE script from library ( no need to open movie info) f7 - jump from anywhere to home window f8 - jump from anywhere to settings window f9 - jump from anywhere to Movie library f10 - jump from anywhere to TV shows library f11 - update video library movies and TV shows f12 - reload keymaps j - will select item globaly but in full screen video will pause video left/rigt - will act as analog ff/rev (f/r keys) in full screen video f1 - will act as "W" in library , but in full screen video will select next subs down / up - will act as sub delay +/- in fullscreen video f5 - direct video settin menu f6 - direct audio setting menu c - (which is globaly contex maneu) will directly call xbmc.subtitles addon Hope this will help you setup your system the way you want it and enjoy your xbmc /flirc experience even more. :) Chears
  10. First of all thank you all for your kind words :) Sorry for late replay guys I have been busy. Here is my keymap, as I said before I like using same key on remote for different functions, and call sam scripts menus directly. ( I use universal remote - and use my number keys to control my amplifier when using xbmc - so i don't have to switch functions all the time) <!--Template XBMC keyboard file--> <keymap> <global> <keyboard> <f3 mod="ctrl">Suspend</f3> <f4 mod="ctrl">XBMC.RunScript(script.cinema.experience)</f4> <f7 mod="ctrl">ActivateWindow(0)</f7> <f8 mod="ctrl">ActivateWindow(4)</f8> <f9 mod="ctrl">ActivateWindow(Videos,MovieTitles)</f9> <f10 mod="ctrl">ActivateWindow(Videos,TvshowTitles)</f10> <f11 mod="ctrl">UpdateLibrary(video)</f11> <f12 mod="ctrl">reloadkeymaps</f12> <j>select</j> </keyboard> </global> <myvideolibrary> <keyboard> <f1 mod="ctrl">togglewatched</f1> </keyboard> </myvideolibrary> <fullscreenvideo> <keyboard> <down>subtitledelayminus</down> <up>subtitledelayplus</up> <f5 mod="ctrl">ActivateWindow(123)</f5> <f6 mod="ctrl">ActivateWindow(124)</f6> <c>RunScript(script.xbmc.subtitles)</c> <f1 mod="ctrl">nextsubtitle</f1> <j>pause</j> <left>rewind</left> <right>fastforward</right> </keyboard> </fullscreenvideo> </keymap>
  11. @Chris! me and my english :D that's all I can say - i ment to say - you are right, I meant 32 bit. sorry for that
  12. Yes Chris X86 stands for 32 bit OS - it is easier to do something like this on 32 rather then 64 bit windows
  13. stupid Mcsoft :( only they are capable of doing something like this, did a bit of reading - don't use MCE my self - to see what people are saying. 1. It would seam that it is easier to bypass this problem on x86 win 2. some people report that after initial setup MCE works fine without IR - so if you can get your hands on one of those (from a frend...) you can give it a try 3. as far as I understand problem is that mce wants to control you topbox, people are reporting that it can be done - by selecting manual config... you should check out link Chris! gave you, here is a nother , basically same thing, but maybe there is some detail you can use. I have been "playing" with windows since 2.1 and one thing they never have been is flexible, 64x version of win 7 is very "fragile" when it comes to drivers - so don't be suprised if you never see a virtual driver for 64 version. I haven't used MediaPortal with XBMC but I belive when you say it is hard to configure, but once configured all of ​configuration files can easily be copied to backup location, and if needed (after fresh intall of win or changing your hw) simply copied back - that is why I love XBMC - i re installed win numerus times and use 3 different machines but, never had to configure my xbmc from start ;) I am sorry but did not find anything bether. PS. there is something else you can try - Install x86 win7 - not the best solution but possibility
  14. Hi vogelap, Found this on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAY2lndb7I8, there is a download link for gudies, in essence you trick your MCE to think you have IR remote it likes, after you finish setup you can plug your flirc and enjoy your media. Hope it helps. Burke
  15. yes that is what my "how to" is abut - I am not taking credit for work behind it just made a simple "manual" for people who have no experience in modifying keyboard in XBMC. you will see it is as easy as it gets :)
  16. If it helps people I am happy :) I think I went from having normal haircut to Bruce Willis style when I was trying to setup my first remote - using winlirc + eventghost and html to customize keys So hopefully this will save some time and hair to people who have no experience with this :)
  17. Ok then :) Media center - haven't used taht in years :) As far as I know there is not much what you can do with MC keys - but you can do a lot with xbmc (check my signature). So what I would do is to assign keys that MC uses to XBMC and then program my remote accordingly. For example - theoretically - lets say that MC uses "S" to stop media - while XBMC uses "X" for sama function, now what you need to do is say to XBMC to use "S" for stop instead of "X" and then just program your remote to send "S" when you press "stop" on your remote. Go to how to section and reed through my how to - link in my signature. If you need extra help just ask :) I am 100% sure it can be dun ;) @ Chris! yes but anyone is welcomed to help with their suggestion to! :)
  18. Could you elaborate a bit more I guess to start them So you have both installed on same machine, you can start them with shortcut but navigation is different in MC7 (windows media center, or what?) and in xbmc have I got this right?
  19. Hello to every one, this "how to" guide is writen for people who are new both to flirc and XBMC, and to all who want to personalize their flirc/xbmc expirince. I would like to thank Jason for flirc an all of his hard work on it, to jhsrennie for his Keymapedit and to Chris! for his help with this guide. Keep up the good work guys! I am just an end user like you guys - so I don't know how all of this things work, but i know they work - that is important. INTRO XBMC can be personalized to the smallest detail - keyboard also. You can program flirc as minimal remote, xbmc remote or keyboard - I use the latter (keyboard) as it will give you most flexibility and you can "unlock secret xbmc treasures" this way. On XBMC wiki you will find "full list" of built in keyboard controls for xbmc. ABOUT ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS IN XBMC I use uni remote, like many remotes (for me) it has a design flaw, media contol keys are all the way down, so you need to move your hand when moving from navigation keys to ff/rev and pause (when you are watching your favorite TVshow and you want to ff intro). I have my remote setup that way that when in full screen video my left/right navigation keys are used as ff/rev keys, my up/down keys are used for direct subtitle +/- offset and OK button is used for pause. My power button will put XBMC to sleep - without need to go through power menu and so on. For me this is the ultimate - because there are so many thing that you can do by just pressing one button on your keyboard, the beauty of this combination is that you can assign any key on your remote to any key on your keyboard. For example: you can send update library command when in main menu - if you have recently added video enabled in your skin, you can go directly to latest movie/tvshow episode from recently added menu, without need to search them in library - if you have lots of movies or tv shows with many seasons you know this is great. You can go directly to video/music/settings window and so on One of my favorites is running scripts with key press - I only use it to run "Cinema expirience" normally you have to go to movie info and select CE "button" to run it, if you have lets say F2 key assigned to run script you can run it directly from your library https://lh5.googleus...xcpoc_EfaKlu3sQ HOW TO - IN A FEW EASY STEPS First locate your "\XBMC\userdata\keymaps\" folder - its position will depend on OS you are running your XBMC on, the folder will be empty - latter on will put keyboard.xml there IMPORTANT: all keys that you put in this file will override default behaviour of your keyboard keys, so be careful what key you chose (use link to wiki to chose keys that have no function assigned in XBMC). 1. METHOD OF CHOICE There are two ways of doing this that I know of: 1. manually make kayboard.xml - you will need to know functions of xbmc + html - PLS DO NOT ASK ME ABOUT THIS METHOD - haven't got a clue 2. Use KeyMapEdit - it is only for Windows though - you Linux guys can run some vitual machine to set it up or something - maybe there is a linux version i don't know 2. USING KEYMAPEDIT Using this little program is pretty easy - apart from the fact that there are so many functions You have to things that need your attencion: a) append section B) append key a) append section - will not add commands but make a "sub section" so you can assign same key to diferent function when in diferent menu/window of XBMC -like my full screen video left key is rew in full screen video, but if i call OSD it is again left. B) append key is where you actually assign letters to function. You will need to explore and try some thingS on your own, there are so many functions that there is no point for me to try explain all of them. It is simple - chose key on your keyboard - chose what you want it to do NOTE: some buttons (in my experience) will not work well when you try to assign double functions to them so it my be needed to change some default buttons to max out your setup, for example I have assigned leter "J" to be my select buton - if I leave "enter" it will not work properly for pause in full screen video. 3.USING YOUR NEW SETTINGS Save your config file as keyboard.xml and put it in \XBMC\userdata\keymaps\. NOTE: you need to restart your xbmc to pick up your keyboard.xml as it will only serch for this file and load it on start. You can add /delete keys at will, no need to make new file every time. TIP: Make your self shortcut to your \XBMC\userdata\keymaps\ and put it in documents map as Keymapedit will not remeber path to file when restarted - so you will be able to navigate to keyboard.xml easily. If you have any questions please be free to ask them, we will try to help you in any way we can.
  20. If I understand correctly you would like to press button on your remote to power off your xbmc machine - put it to sleep I don't have harmony but i think the way it works is that when you press "all off" it sends code for itch device that is programmed on your remote. Doing this in means of connecting your remote and flir should not be a problem - cause you connect your power button for pc with some key on your keyboard. If you connect it with letter s - that wont work ok cause it will only bring up "power" menu and you need to confirm sleep command with additional enter. I promised Chris to make a short how to and promise top do it as soon as possible. :( Ok there are a lot of hidden functions that can be accessed directly, for those functions to work you need to have keyboard.xml file in your xbmc (there is a folder called keyboard under user data) Now you chose some button on your keyboard that is not in use by xbmc already - lets say f2. You copy text below to any text editor (I use notepad++ it works 10+ and it is free) and save as keyboard.xml. Put it in keyboard folder, you restart your box from now on when you press f2 xbmc should go to sleep. be careful not to use any button already in use from xbmc - cause you will override defoult action! <!--Template XBMC keyboard file--> <keymap> <global> <keyboard> <f2>Suspend</f2> </keyboard> </global> </keymap> [/html] BTW I have Openelec on my machine - Zotac H55 MBO - I wake up my machine with any key on remote.
  21. I have their other model. Had similar problem with few codes until found one thar works just fine. I did not write down which code I use now -sorry, will try to find it this weekend. I tried many uni remotes over past few years - to control my equipment and to use with my winlirc receiver which I had at the time, What I have learned from that is that some codes work better then others, one of examples (from uni remote i had untill i bought one for alll) is that i could not find code to work 100% whit my TV - most keys work ok, but menu was to fast and most times i would press menu button, menu would just flash on screen - not stay there. So bottom line - i am shore that you have a code which will work just fine, you just need to find it, my suggestion to you is to program just minimal remote setup until you find one with which you are satisfied. Then program whole remote.
  22. just a quickquestion, is it happening all the time, I mean every time you press a key, or is it something that happens on more irregular basses - sometimes it moves just "one place" and sometimes it makes a big jump?
  23. you can do a lot whit custom remote setup in xbmc, in full screen video I use navigation keys left, right for ff/rev select is for pause up/down for sub offset
  24. You need to enable plugin:keyboard in EG, so that EG captures key press from keyboard and executes assigneed macro. The down side of using this plugin in EG is that it will always run macro no mather what program is in focus, but if this is a problem to you, you can just add key to turn plugin on/ off. If you need help whit this just ask :) Cheers, Burke
  25. I have their other model. flirc is linked to DVD profile, don' remember which code though. Tried out few different ones - some did not work to good ( in my personal opinion it is not so much flirc problem but remote, those universal remotes work better with some codes tehn with others) some were in conflict with my other remotes. Now it works like a charm :)
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