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  1. Hello, I had a working setup, but then I decided to be adventurous and try to update and see if that solved some of my sleep/wake issues. Unfortunately, now my Flirc doesn't seem to work at all with the remote. I can't remember what version I was on previously, but I've tried the 5 most recent RCs and they all seem to do the same thing. When I record one key from the remote it seems to think that every button I push on that remote is the same signal. I'm using the RCA RCRP05BR 5 Device Cable Replacement Universal Remote. It worked fine to capture keys on the previous firmware, but now it isn't. I've tested with another non-universal remote and it was able to capture properly off of that. Anyone have any idea as to what could be going on? Thanks!
  2. Any of the Canadian distributors had to pay money to get the Flircs shipped up here in the first place. That plus Canadian shipping is generally more expensive than US shipping due to a lower population density in rural areas is the reason for the additional cost. If you look at what you wrote, there is only a $11 difference between $28 and $39 and $6.50 of that is shipping so realistically the most profit these guys would be making is $4.50, which is not all that much. Also, having just recently bought two Flircs from Pi-Suppli I can say it was totally worth it to get a Flirc from there. After a mixup with my mailing address the support they gave me was fantastic :)
  3. I recently just got a Flirc and managed to get it to both wake up the computer and put the computer to sleep, but I've only been able to accomplish this by assigning this to two separate buttons. Is there any way I can double up on the power button so it is a sleep/wake button kinda like the play/pause button? Thanks!
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