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  1. Hi rldev, Fleat I'm also using a Harmony remote (the 650), and I'm using WMC primarily as a PVR/Live TV and XBMC for most other HTPC activities. I'm having some issues with the responsiveness to button presses, particularly direction buttons. For example, sometimes there will be no response to a direction button press, and then maybe the third time I press it there will be scrolling in that direction of the menu, but past the point I wanted to get to. Did you have any such issues with your setup? I'm using Windows 7 and the Flirc XBMC "device" for my remote.
  2. Hi Dan Your setup is quite similar to mine: Harmony 650 remote Flirc XBMC and WMC The main difference is that I'm using the Flirc XBMC profile as a device for my remote. I'm wondering if you are having any issues with the direction buttons when using WMC. When I use WMC sometimes there won't be any response to keypresses for a little while, and sometimes when I am pressing the direction buttons the scrolling doesn't stop in one direction(i.e. one button press results in continuous scrolling). Have you ever had that issue? I'm wondering if I should use a different device for the Harmony remote that plays well with both XBMC and WMC (if that is the problem).
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