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  1. Don't rule out faulty hardware. In my case, simply swapping the flirc for a new one solved my issue. I didn't need to make changes to the OS, or XBMC or any of the other things many people here talk about.
  2. I'm not sure I buy that. A software bug should not create a situation where (in my case) simply replacing the unit fixes all of the observed issues, and that exact unit behaves in that exact way on all Windows boxes but does not exhibit the behaviour on a Mac.
  3. All I can say from my side is that the original started doing this and the replacement does not. To me, that's a clear indication of a faulty unit in my particular case. I now have the flirc on an extension cable so that it sits outside the media cabinet - I'm hoping that this will keep the new one cooler and stop it from failing in the same bizarre way the previous one did.
  4. I've now confirmed that the device is faulty. I purchased a new one that arrived today and it works fine.
  5. Nothing has changed at all recently. No windows updates (disabled on the box). No changes to the remote (Harmony 650). No changes to the XBMC setup or configuration (12.3). No moving of any of the devices or fiddling with connections / cables. The Flirc is plugged into the front right USB port on the NUC, but I've tried it in all 4 USB ports with the same result. About 3 weeks ago, I moved my entire setup into a number of cabinets, but it's been running like that for a few weeks and it's been fine.
  6. Hi all, I've been using a Flirc on a NUC running Windows 8 and then 8.1 for a few months now. Suddenly today in XBMC, when I push any button, it repeats for ages. I've tried moving the Flirc to a macbook pro running Windows 7 and it does exactly the same thing. I see this behaviour in both the Flirc setup app and XBMC. If I connect it to a Mac running OS X 10.9, I don't see the behaviour. I upgraded the firmware to 2.4 and also did the 'Clear Configuration' step, but the problem persists. Can anyone advise what the cause of this might be ? Thanks,
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