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  1. Then in the Harmony setup, add a remote, doesn't really matter which one, I used the Samsung TV profile that is recommended in the forums somewhere. Rename it XBMC or something. Assign the keys to all the Harmony keys, add and rename keys for any touch screen commands you want to send.

    Then record onto the Flirc.



    Thanks for the above CHBMB


    Have decided on what keys I want to use for the Harmony/Flirc combo


    When you get a chance, can you elaborate a bit further on the 'adding a remote/Samsung TV profile' - this is in the Harmony Remote

    software under 'Adding a Device'? Should I be adding as a Device in the software?


    - It looks like I may have to add a as my actual TV is a Samsung one

    - So this means as I am setting up a sequence on my Harmony remote, I naturally choose Samsung TV as the device I watch the display on, but now I should the Panasonic TV profile as the one I choose to play media (as opposed to choosing Media Center PC > Flirc, which comes with the limited XBMC profile)


    And can you explain a little more on 'Record onto the Flirc' - I need to select Controllers > Full Keyboard and then manually assign each keystroke I want mapped


    Then I need to save this config to the Flirc sofware? After I have set and saved the config, do I need to leave the Flirc software open and 'Connected' on my PC?


    At home I have a table with all my key assignments on it, I'll try and post it over the weekend.



    am looking forward to this and thanks again for offering your solution


    Seems like to get full Harmorny/Flirc/XBMC control, the far superior away is to avoid the Flirc XBMC profile

  2. Ok, I've only been using Flirc for about 3 hours so far with my Harmony One. 


    After initial setup I also noticed that some of the buttons on the Harmony remote weren't doing anything, but instead of trying to map them in Flirc I instead added some mappings in 'Activities' (not the 'Devices') tab of the Harmony Remote software.


    I edited the new activity I'd just set up (called XBMC) by clicking Customize Buttons. The top button (for example) is 'Menu' which I set using the dropdown to Device = Media Center PC and Command = ContextMenu. 



    I'm not running any beta software and I've not installed an add-on in XBMC. 


    What might be confusing the issue is that the Harmony remote uses it's own setup software that adds an extra bit of confusion to the whole thing. Fullscreen for example is a touchscreen button on my Harmony One and is not mapped to a specific hardware button. 


    Thanks for the input daunorubicin


    To be honest, I spent the money on the advice as I truly thought it was going to take out the headache of manual process/config etc. There are far cheaper remotes out there, that with some tweaking, and potentially editing of keyboard.xml could accomplish a full install for XBMC/Harmony combo.


    Maybe my frustrations are that I expected the Flirc mods/gurus to have been more responsive to offer guidance/help.


    I feel a little let down at present.

  3. I have no idea about Harmony Remote so have no idea what all is in the Profile's pre-configed settings.  I'm pretty sure that there is a config file you have to download somewhere and load it into your Flirc. It wouldn't make sense to have those keys pre-mapped as that would eat up space for people that don't use Harmony remotes.


    The XBMC GUI in the Flirc software doesn't have everything, you're right.  I suggest using the Full Keyboard screen and mapping what you want to the keys on there.


    I'll look for a bit and see if I can find that config.


    I appreciate the reponse Deadpool


    Are there any Flirc/XBMC/Harmony gurus there at Flirc (Chris, Jason?)  that could answer my questions above including:


    • Do I need to install some Beta software to get the XBMC fully working (i.e. not have to manually assign buttons/key presses etc) - and if so where is the latest beta version available for dowload (I recall seeing something on the forums regarding a 'retired version')
    • Also, do I need to install any Flirc addons from the XBMC Add on Repo?



  4. Hi everybody


    Have discovered the Flirc and looking forward to getting it working with my XBMC and Logitech Harmony 1000 remote.


    So far I installed the latest software from the Flirc website (v1.2.2) and also added the Media Center PC > Flirc profile on my Harmony remote.


    I have noticed that the buttons on the Harmony do not seem to activate the controls on my XBMC screen, so proceeded to map some buttons manually from the Flirc software to button presses on my Harmony remote – after a while I noticed that not all buttons were able to be mapped as the XBMC grid within the Flirc software (File, Controllers,XBMC) did not have a button for Context Menu, Toggle Fullscreen, Fullscreeen etc..


    Having a look around this forum I noticed that I may need to install some Beta software to get the XBMC fully working (i.e. not have to manually assign buttons/key presses etc)


    Also, do I need to install any Flirc addons from the XBMC Add on Repo?


    It has been a few months since some of those posts were updated so wanted to check in to ensure I was doing the right steps to get this Flirc/XBMC/Harmony combo working well.


    Appreciate if people could point me in the right direction to get everything started.


    Thanks in advance,



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