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  1. I tried a few of the TV codes but none of them allowed me to set the media buttons on my remote to anything. I believe my remote disables any buttons that don't exist on the remote for the device it is used with. That's why I picked a set top box; they typically have media buttons for pausing and rewinding live TV, as well as most of the other important keys.
  2. I got it working, I was originally putting my remote into learning mode which I now realize was stupid because Flirc isn't another remote. I ended up just punching in the code for a Motorola set top box and programming Flirc on top of that. Thanks for the suggestions! Oh, and I did end up testing three other remotes. They registered as having the buttons mapped but didn't end up doing anything :P Any planned support for long pressing a button coming? My only gripe is having to press buttons over and over to get to where I'm going :P
  3. Yes I have, I believe I said that I did that near the end of my previous post. I'm going to give a full reinstallation a try and see if that does anything.
  4. Just got my Flirc in the mail today and went to go set it up and I've been having all sorts of problems with it and my remote. I've got a Blu-link VP3700 (and here is the manual for reference) I installed the Flirc software and drivers, plugged it into my HTPC and proceeded to set up my remote for XBMC and, while at first it was working fine, when I got down to the media buttons on the remote (play, pause, fast foward ect.) they just weren't working so I thought that it might have been the device button I was programming the commands to (the DVR button), so I wiped it by entering the 9999 code and tried with the DVD/VCR button and it just didn't work at all. then tried AUX and it wasn't working either, then DVR once more and again, not working. After a few tries the Flirc program started telling me that buttons were already programmed and doing things on it's own. I've tried wiping the configuration files in flirc, and I've tried programming my remote on a different PC in another room and on that PC it just didn't do anything at all. It's bothering me that it was working and then it just decided not to. Any suggestions?
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