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  1. @burke, I understand your 'unified logic' idea but this doesn't ALWAYS apply in software. Even you say it 'has pretty unified logic'. That implies that it may not be the same throughout. My comment on that is derived from the '101 on keymaps' section of the official XBMC forum asking the user to download a complete 'keyboard.xml' file. I took this to mean a user needed to download a complete one in order to change something. Fortunately, that is not the case. Creating a 'keyboard.xml' file and changing one function does nothing to the rest of XBMC's built in mapped keys. Your men
  2. To outatouch0, Please refer to the link I mentioned in my post just prior to yours (). Download at least the xml and image files and see what is going on by opening the XML file itself. Inside the XML file are notes and links to all of the webpages I used in order to figure out how to customize my XBMC 'keyboard.xml'. XBMC themselves have a great forum at http://forum.xbmc.org. My plan is to create a proper write up on how to modify the 'keyboard.xml' file and link to any associated files. That write up would be posted over on the XBMC forums though. One key piece of information I
  3. burke, Due to this thread in the forums, I created my own custom configuration for XBMC using the 'keyboard.xml' file. You can find what I did over at You are credited within the actual xml file itself. Thanks...
  4. evilestegg, Another way to handle this is by using XBMC's built-in 'keyboard.xml' file. This thread actually introduced me to the Vizio XRV1TV Remote Control. I liked it so much that I told my brother about it and he picked it up for me for Christmas. So, I initially setup EventGhost to control this remote similar to the way you mention in this thread. It has worked great for about a month but I don't really want to use EventGhost as it's just another piece of software running. There is also the bit about it being ONLY for Windows. As I'll be building some form of permanent XBMC m
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