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  1. Your mailbox is full so I'll just copy the message I was going to send you here: Wow, I'm surprised it's just you! I have a bit of experience with Linux and currently hold the title of "Linux System Operator" at work... I hope to be a Jr. Sys Admin in a few years. If you need anything that I might be able to help with just let me know, I'd be more the happy to help out. I've still had no issues with using this with my xbmcbuntu set up, I'm actually running out of keys to use on my remote. I've also introduced the FLIRC to a few friends and I want another one for a different room so I'm going to be ordering a total of 4. Cheers!
  2. Hello all, I bought this and a Rii Mini and I have to say the FLIRC is so much cooler. The Rii mini is going back in the box and in the closet. Just wanted to give a big thanks to the flirc team and let you guys know I'm going to up sell this to everyone I know... I might even buy a few more for different rooms and to have a few extra around the house just in case one brakes. Cheers, -TweakedEh
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