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  1. Thanks allot for the answer, i should have thought of that myself!
  2. I just had a product idea based on your original FLIRC usb key. Why not make a remote that does what FLIRC does but the other way around :) Basically a self programmable remote. Called FLIRC-AIO with a IR receiver and transmitter aboard. 1. Attach FLIRC-AIO with a usb cable to your pc/laptop 2. Choose a profile, Give it a name, for example: TV 3. Point your tv remote at FLIRC-AIO, press a buttom on the remote and tell the software what bottom you want that to be on you FLIRC-AIO. 4. Rinse and repeat for all your tv remote functions 5. Make a profile for your stereo, tv provider box, XMBC etc etc Should have an option to ship with a simplified version of the original FLIRC that only understands the FLIRC-AIO for Media center use. Should have a small LCD display with profile name and of course the most important part a good interface with most common remote functions on it. Plus a row of empty buttons that you could draw on or have small LCD's built in where you can program the icon (a bit far fetched and could make it to expensive, but its only brainstorm so no saying no to anything yet) Advantages over normal AIO remotes, Doesn't need tons of profiles for all kinds of obscure devices, would up development costs by a big margin. You can use it on a media player and setup the keypresses you want Didn't see any good profile based AIO remote yet, but don't know the market well enough to be conclusive You can use it to turn on a beamer and then control your PowerPoint slideshow with the same remote Could support macro commands, (Turn on tv, Turn on media box, set hdmi 4 on tv with 1 buttom) Could control games with your remote :P Disadvantages over Normal AIO remotes Needs manual programming which could be scary to some people Needs costly development of programming software Higher costs due to build in receiver? Opinions? Ideas? Ps: English is not my main language so professionalism of my sentences is a bit lower than i would want it.
  3. Hey, ive recently bought the Flirc and was planning to use it with the new horizon remote that has a Keyboard. As far as i can tell it doesn't work. The keys on the topside i can register in the software but all the other keypresses from the small keyboard don't register at all in the setup. Anyone know why this would be the case? its about this remote http://www.hdtvnieuws.nl/images/Horizon-remote.jpg The rest of the remotes i tried worked perfectly, old upc remote, and a sony bravia remote work properly but i can't use those as i need those for the tv normally.
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