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  1. Ok, after doing more testing I got everything working, and I think I have a good idea what caused all the problems in the beginning: The USB port and HDMI port of the Ouya are pretty close together. And the Flirc is a bit thicker then most regular USB cables. Therefore the Flirc "barely" fits into the USB port - I really had to press a bit to get it in. This pressure probably caused some of the USB connection pins to have no proper contact - and therefore causing all the trouble of not working and de-programming the flirc. The USB splitter I'm using now really just acts as an extension cord to give the flirc more space and to enable a good connection. Any other USB extension would probably do the same trick. I'm now using Ouya "out-of-the-box" with no additional keyboard files etc. On my Harmony remote I use the Flirc XBMC profile, which I have also enabled in the flirc. But I had to re-map some of the keys using the Flirc software, and now I have all XBMC functions working to my liking. /Hermann
  2. Hello Jason, I can't believe it... I used a powered USB splitter between the flirc and the Ouya, and now the flirc seems to work. At least "partiallly". XBMC on the Ouya now responds to the 4 arrow keys, the Info and Exit keys of my remote. But not to select, play, pause or any other keys... But this is hopefully just my stupidity in selecting the right flirc and Harmony programming? I have a Harmony One, and I'm using a media device based on the "Flirc XBMC" profile in the Harmony software. On the flirc software side, I don't do any programming and I assume the built-in profiles take care of that? I checked in Advanced Options that the built-in profiles are active. What am I missing to use all the keys on my Harmony now?
  3. Hello Jason, So I did a complete Factory Reset of my Ouya today, putting it in "vanilla" state. I also checked manually with adb that the keyboard layout file I installed earlier is gone. Right after the factory reset of the Ouya I re-loaded my flirc with proper firmware and connected it. But the same issue: Doesn't work with my remote, and after sticking the flirc back into my Mac all content is gone, and it's in bootloader mode again. Do you know if there is any setting in the Ouya where I can create some log file or something, so that we can "see" what's going on?
  4. I have version 2.3 of the Firmware. Just did another test: Plug flirc into my Mac and start the Flirc app (1.2.2). It loads the firmware into flirc... Then I plug it into the Ouya (while it's turned off), turn the Ouya on, remote doesn't work. Now I plug it back into the Mac and all firmware content is gone again, the Flirc software says "booloader detected". When I first got my Ouya and Flirc, and started this process I followed the instructions in this post: And installed Superuser and the key layout file ("Vendor_20a0_Product_0001.zip") described in this post. Could this have an impact? Is this key layout even required with the latest Flirc software? /Hermann
  5. Hello Jason, Any idea what I can try to get the FLIRC running? It's still not working for me. I did load the FLIRC profile into my Harmony, and as I described above, the flirc and Harmony work together on a PC. The flirc just doesn't like my Ouya !
  6. Hello Jason, After a fresh programming I can put the flirc into a PC computer and control a slideshow with my Harmony no problem. I unplugged it from the PC, and plugged it in again, no problem - still works. Then I plug it into the Ouya, put it back into my Mac, and now flirc_util shows that it's in bootloader mode again. So it works with a PC, it can be programmed, but it doesn't seem to like my Ouya (which works with all other USB devices)... very strange.
  7. Hello Jason, Yes, I use the Ouya with the standard power supply which came with it. I don't use a USB hub on the Ouya, but I do use a (powered) USB hub when programming the flirc on my Mac. But that doesn't seem to cause any problems. Any ideas what else I could test? I installed superSU on the Oya and know how to access it via adb... If there's any test I can do to create some debug output, please let me know. Thanks Hermann
  8. For several weeks I'm now trying to get my Flirc to work with my Ouya, but without luck. I followed and tried various other things, but can't get a single remote command to work when Flirc is connected to the Ouya. I can safely assume that the USB port on the Ouya is working, as any memory stick, USB mouse or cable based USB keyboard works - any USB device I connect works on the Ouya. My Harmony One works with all other devices and send proper IR commands. I used the profile "Flirc > XBMC" for my activity I program the Flirc through a Mac. Using flirc_util, I get following output after a "fresh" install of the flirc: sh-3.2# ./flirc_util version Flirc Version v1.2.2 [v1.2.2] 2.3 01-25-2014 [0x3DB4D4F3] sh-3.2# ./flirc_util settings Settings: sleep detection: Disabled noise canceler: Disabled inter-key delay: 6 state: 0 builtin profiles: Enable Memory Info: keys recorded: 13 keys remaining: 156 memory used: 8% Recorded Keys: Index hash key ----- --------- --- 0 46AB894B escape 1 6576B811 F3 2 869FAF61 F4 3 6FF9C61 F5 4 C633C63C F6 5 C6E38398 F7 6 A5E38398 F8 7 A5FA9C61 F9 8 86BF9B4B home 9 86B71F14 left 10 25B31F14 right 11 65BF9B4B down 12 460CD99A up When I take the flirc and connect to a PC for example, it works. I can control a slide show and do other simple things using my Harmony. When I connect the flirc to my Ouya, nothing works. And whenever I had it connected to the Ouya, it seems to "loose its memory": When I connect it back to my Mac the flirc_util now shows: sh-3.2# ./flirc_util settings Settings: sleep detection: NA noise canceler: NA inter-key delay: NA state: 0 builtin profiles: NA Device currently in bootloader I tried this a few times, and can reproduce it consistently... Starting the flirc software on my Mac will re-program the flirc with fresh firmware and proper profile. Plug it into Ouya - everything gets lost... Does this sound like a hardware problem of my Flirc?
  9. Hi, I just got my flirc and want to use it for XBMC on my Ouya. I read through loads of forum posts and stuff and got really confused... Some (older) posts talking about beta software, but no post really says if that's still necessary or not. I have a Flirc with firmware v2.2. I really thought it would be easier to get flirc working on an Ouya - do I really have to first "root" my Ouya (connecting to a PC, doing everything invoived with that) in order to being able to copy the .kl file ? I thought there might be an easier way by now, as this post started quite a while ago. But I guess I need to go through the whole procedure? Thanks Hermann
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