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  1. Good afternoon! I received my flikr in the mail today, and I can't tell you how excited I am to get this working on my setup. I installed the flikr software from the website, then grabbed the remote control that my cable company provided, a CLIKR-5 (http://www.universalremote.com/resources/pdfs/UR5U-8700L_8720L.pdf). I selected XBMC for the controller, and proceeded to assign up, down, right, left and enter buttons to the directional arrows on my remote control. After selecting each one the flirc software said "Recorded successfully". However, when I hop into XBMC the button pushes are working maybe 1% of the time, if that. To make sure I didn't have a defective unit, I grabbed a different remote control (remote for the Pioneer vx-521-k) and programmed the keys. It also said "Recorded successfully", but this time the controls worked flawlessly. It would appear there's an issue with the CLIKR-5 and flirc. Any known work-arounds? Thanks!
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