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  1. Came here looking for this option and its good to see that others have the same idea. It was something I found missing very quickly. Look forward to its addition Mick
  2. Got my Flirc today - its working great and I have no isues with it at all so far. it is something that will have a lot of uses and I look forward to getting more. My biggest issue is postage costs. The box it arrived in was hugh compared to the little packaging that the flirc is in. It could have help a dozen or more of them. Whats really annoying is that the box weighed more than the flirc itself. Unfortuinately, it cost me double (clse to) to get this unit and it was very disapointing to see the box wehen it arrived. Something needs to be done about USPS and the costs of this unit because I am sure its hurting sales. Mick
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