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  1. Hi,


    I just got my flirc and want to use it for XBMC on my Ouya.


    I read through loads of forum posts and stuff and got really confused... Some (older) posts talking about beta software, but no post really says if that's still necessary or not. I have a Flirc with firmware v2.2.


    I really thought it would be easier to get flirc working on an Ouya - do I really have to first "root" my Ouya (connecting to a PC, doing everything invoived with that) in order to being able to copy the .kl file ?


    I thought there might be an easier way by now, as this post started quite a while ago. 


    But I guess I need to go through the whole procedure?





    You don't need to, it's much more simple:

    search for "auto pilot" in ouya store, it will let you choose one application to auto start as soon as you start your ouya.

    Choose xbmc as booting up and you will be ready to use flirc with xbmc if you set up your remote correcly.

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