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  1. I too did the same as i also wanted the power off function but din't have a streacom case. I used a hole cutter to cut the ir hole and fitted a grommet and slotted a acrylic disc. I then just stuck the FLIRC-SE behind the hole using valcro.
  2. Hey guys in device log i get this below, what does this mean.
  3. That's just what i was looking for, thanks Jase
  4. Hi guy i've got a question, i've had to retire my old Antec Fusion Black HTPC case with bult in lcd and receiver. I've pu the brains into a new case but its just a normal case not a htpc so its got no screen or ir receiver. will the 2nd gen FLIRc let me turn my htpc on from cold off. I don't want to have it go to sleep and wake up.
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