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  1. Okay, I got it working. This is something I've tried multiple times before with other IR receivers, but this is the first time it's been 100% successful... so kudos to you guys for Flirc. it seems to be the missing piece to my puzzle. :) 1) Using my generic Media Center remote, I recorded keystrokes using the terminal command line. (I picked the most useful from this list: http://wiki.xbmc.org...?title=Keyboard ). **Because I'm using a generic MCE remote, I had to record each keystroke twice in the command line to avoid pressing each button twice in XBMC, per this thread: 2) In the H
  2. Chris, Thanks for the reply. I really don't think it's my rig, simply because programming Flirc using a generic Media Center remote works fine. Doing so, however, somewhat defeats the purpose of my Harmony remote - to have one remote. I saw Digitalb0y's thread previously; I used it as a guide for programming Flirc from the command line in the Linux terminal. My issues on that front are limited... namely that the numbered buttons seem to confuse the recording actions, resulting in overlapping and conflicting signals among them. This is not a huge concern for me, as I have yet to need a
  3. Digitalb0y, What kind of remote are you using? I'm trying to get my Harmony remote to work with Flirc, but they aren't playing nicely...
  4. I'm curious to know if anybody running XBMCbuntu (or any other Linux setup) has successfully programmed a Logitech Harmony remote for full functionality. I installed the Flirc GUI within XBMCbuntu, which seemed to record the basic functionality. I had to use the terminal command line to record advanced keystrokes. Within XBMC, however, I get almost no real functionality. Only the directional buttons "work," and that is occasional and usually scrolls in whatever direction it chooses, regardless of the actual input. I think the problem may be in the device or activity setup within the L
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