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  1. Hello, I still have this problem. Can I have any help ?
  2. Hello, my flirc detect 3.25.4 update, the update process starts, but after flirc restarts, it is still in 3.25.3-15. It never update to 3.25.4. What can I do to update correctly to 3.25.4 ? Thanks for your help
  3. Hello, I'm gonna change my PC et my new pc has a IR transmitter build in and I still want to use flirc. Can I use this build in IR transmitter with flirc software or do I have to buy a new flirc transmitter ? Thanks a lot for your answer !
  4. Same issue here. flirc gen1 upgrade to 3.25 and firware. And Nothing software says it is connected, but when I clic on my remote, nothing remote is one for all control 8. worked like a charm before Config smart control 8.fcfg
  5. same problem here win10 64bits flirc 2.0.0 does not work either if I run flirc.exe as administrator Does someone can give the previous version (1.4.4 I think) thank you very much
  6. Hello, I suggest to add azerty keybpard support. Indeed, some Flirc's virtual qwerty keyboard keys are different if I use my own azerty keyboard. One more thing that will a cool feature : press my keyboard key instead of clicking on flirc's virtual keyboard key.
  7. It have been a long journey to configure my remote (one for all urc 7960) with flirc and xbmc. But now it works. There is some strange issues : some keys don't act on the remote as the keyboard ( tab for example to toggle between fullscreen). I hope that a new release will give the option to choose azerty keyboard because some keys are difficult to find. As a conclusion, this is a nice dongle !
  8. It finally works ! I give flirc.exe and flirc_util.exe compatibility with win 8 and changed usb port
  9. I'm using win8.1 x64. here is what i have in the device manager This is the message:
  10. Hello, I received today my flirc dongle. I did a firmware upgrade and now flirc doesn't work at all. If I connect my dongle then start flirc software, it crashes What is this problem ? Thank you
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