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  1. I added the Flirc Kodi remote profile to my Harmony remote and repeat rate was the same.

    I adjusted the interkey delay on my Harmony remote between 100 and 1000 and the repeat rate did not change.

    The interkey delay option on the gen 1 seems to be the only way to adjust the repeat rate when scrolling in Kodi using up/down or page up/down. I did notice that changing the interkey delay on my Harmony remote had a little affect on the gen 1 repeat rate, didn't test this at multiple values like I did with the gen 2 though.


    If there isn't a way to adjust this on the gen 2 I'll be returning it as there are zero pluses currently and one big negative with the gen 2.

  2. Hope no one minds me tacking on another question about the two versions as I was just looking for differences also. Does the new version support waking a PC from sleep better? I thought the first gen was able to support that but I couldn't get it to work.

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