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  1. I sadly returned the gen2 Flirc and I'm still using the gen1 to this day with zero issues. I haven't investigated this since the original posting and it seems like nothing has changed based your posts.
  2. I changed the inter-key delay and the flirc debug still has it at e24. Inter-key at 100 or 1000 doesn't change the value in the debug window.
  3. The default is zero according to the my harmony app. Guess I'll have to play with that and the key map tomorrow.
  4. I went back to my custom remote and flirc config after the flirc kodi remote profile didn't change anything. I made a new log using the flirc kodi remote profile and clearing the flirc config. log gen2 kodi remote.txt
  5. Here is the log file with a single press of up. I tried to make a log with my gen 1 unit but logging doesn't work on that version. log gen2.txt
  6. This doesn't seem to happen in newer versions of the software. Did something change?
  7. I added the Flirc Kodi remote profile to my Harmony remote and repeat rate was the same. I adjusted the interkey delay on my Harmony remote between 100 and 1000 and the repeat rate did not change. The interkey delay option on the gen 1 seems to be the only way to adjust the repeat rate when scrolling in Kodi using up/down or page up/down. I did notice that changing the interkey delay on my Harmony remote had a little affect on the gen 1 repeat rate, didn't test this at multiple values like I did with the gen 2 though. If there isn't a way to adjust this on the gen 2 I'll be returning it as there are zero pluses currently and one big negative with the gen 2.
  8. I'm guessing you are referring to adding a profile to my Harmony remote. I currently use a customized Panasonic TC-P65VT30 profile on my remote. I'll the Kodi profile and see what that does.
  9. It's a Logitech Harmony 700 and I was across the room when I did that.
  10. I cleared the device and held a key while teaching it. There didn't seem to be a difference, it still repeated quickly when held down in Kodi. my_flirc_config.fcfg
  11. Here is my config. HTPC.fcfg Edit: The second gen seems to have the same repeat rate the original did with the default interkey delay setting.
  12. I've been using a 1st gen for years and have it setup perfectly. Just got a 2nd gen and I don't see the interkey delay option any more. Scrolling in Kodi is now too fast and I don't see a way to adjust for it, is this possible to fix?
  13. Hope no one minds me tacking on another question about the two versions as I was just looking for differences also. Does the new version support waking a PC from sleep better? I thought the first gen was able to support that but I couldn't get it to work.
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