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  1. Can Flirc SE do discrete power buttons? One button for power on (only) and a second button for power off? Instead of power toggle?
  2. on my MCE remote I learn the buttons 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 without issue. Learning the buttons * and # has no issues however when I press * on the MCE remote I get the number 8 pressed on screen and when I press # on the remote I get the number 3 pressed on screen I hope this now makes more sense.
  3. MCE remote Keys * = 8 and # =3 What am I doing wrong? v1 hardware firmware 3.9.0 Sofware Flirc 3.11.6
  4. on my LG TV (2011 and 2013 smart models) when I switch to HDMI input the up, down, left, right, OK, play, stop FF and RW buttons do nothing on the TV so I can use these for the Flirc. I hope that helps. However on my LG 2010 the up, down, left, right are ok but the OK is used by the tv so I had to choose another button for ok which can be confusing for the kids.
  5. noise canceler and Inter-key delay = 0 helped but still get a few mutli-key presses its like I need Inter-key delay = -2 to make it perfect. Also more wiredness I have to program each button twice in the GUI? Clear configuration and force upgrade firmware does nothing. The device still have the same buttons mapped.
  6. Got an amazon fire TV UK version. Got an office version 1 MCE remote (not branded HP or lenvo but an official MS one). use Mac with Yosemite to update to version 3.1 firmware and then learn keys from MCE remote. Put device into Amazon Fire TV and any button on the mce remote registers as multi key press. i.e. left on MCE = Left Left or screen. Went into the FILRC software GUI and changed Inter-key delay to diferent settings but this just increased or decreased the number of repeating key presses. No setting, 1 through to 6 would prevent/stop the reapeating key issue. Anyone got any suggestion?
  7. here is my beast of a setup built around 2 tiny low spec'ed silent PCs and a centerilsed database running on 2x2Gb synology NAS. Frontroom 110" motorised projector screen 720p optoma short throw projector 42" Toshiba LCD TV emachine er-1401 1.3Ghz k2 dual core process 2Gb of ram 30Gb SSD + media centre remote running XBMCbuntu and the NEON skin wireless keyboard harmony 700 remote Onkyo 5.0 amp with 5 Etax floor standing speakers, so need for a sub here. PS3 slim Xbox360 slim Humax freeview HD PVR Bedroom Toshiba 32" LCD TV. another eMachine ER-1401 spec'ed as front room + media centre remote Onkyo amp 2.0 Eltax mini monitors 2 speaks Flat mates room A craptasic old dell optiplex 545 runing windows and xbmc and a budget £2 ebay remote Testing rigs. iMac 27" + macbook air let me know if you want more details but a decent enough setup for a beginner.
  8. it was the one on the XBMC homepage that draw me too here. I will post my setup at the weekend. Its a beast run from probably the lowest spec'ed PC on this site but I am sure you lot will love the set up when you see it.
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