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  1. Hi Jason I can confirm that the latest RC firmware fixes all issues for me and makes it work as good as before Thanks for your hard work on this
  2. Hi Jason As in, I plugged it in and the exact same repeat issues are happening.. However, I just read in your other forum post that you have RC firmware.. I havent tried that.. So I will try that today an report back..
  3. Hi CHris Has this been resolved? I just received my new FLIRC and it is acting the same way.... :(
  4. Maybe I shouldnt have been so quick to order a new one then????
  5. Well when this started I hadn't updated.. But as I assumed it was openelec.. I did update... Unfortunately, it no longer functions long enough for any more testing..
  6. Ya.. I am trying to figure out what changed.. So I went and sat in the car with my laptop and plug it in.. and it woudnt respond after the 3rd press.. So I can t seem to think its interference.. Especially since it was very gradual. I actually notice a strange behaviour at the beginning. In lists it would jump up and down when I marked a show as watched.. I immediately assumed this was XBMC/Openelec acting out... but now I realise that was the start of it... I cant even blame the latest firmware as I hadn't needed to unplug mine in months... I am more than happy to wait for your figure it out.. I will however buy a new one cause I cant do with out it...
  7. Hi Since I got this device, I haven't had a single issue until last week. Suddenly, a single button press would repeat hundreds of times till I unplugged the FLIRC. I assumed this was some sort of bug or fault with my Harmony remote despite me neither changing the FLIRC or Remote since the beginning of the year. Either way. I did a resync of the harmony remote.. The problem persisted. Then I thought it was an Openlec bug... So I moved the flirc to other boxes.. same problem persisted Then I plugged into a PC.. Forced upgraded the firmware from something like 2.x to 3.0 and then to 3.1. It worked temporarily and then stopped again. I came on the forums and saw others and saw they were advised to force another firmware update. I did this multiple times.. The problem continues.. Whats going on? I find it strange that it happened suddenly to me and the same appears on the forums from similar time frames? What warranty do have on the hardware?
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