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  1. I have previously used FLIRC on a Fire TV, a PC and a Mac Mini for Kodi and Plex. I would like to use it on a NUC running Windows 8.1 or perhaps Windows 10. While Kodi and Plex would be important I would like some way of controlling native apps such as Netflix. Is there some way of doing this? Philip
  2. When you follow the guide for a Harmony and then you added the Open Kodi command by teaching from the Panasonic remote had the Panasonic button already been taught to Open Kodi?
  3. Thanks, I found the cli command for just the windows key. The thing that is confusing me is that I have used a Smart Control Harmony ( with the hub) and made an XBMC media player using the FLIRC profile in the My Harmony database. This does not leave a whole lot of active buttons on the remote. Not all buttons will be active. In order to record a new key in FLIRC don't I need to use a remote that has active buttons?
  4. I use a Harmony Hub remote. I have a PC running Windows 8.1 and it has Kodi and Plex and other programs on it. It has an FLIRC plugged in. The remote controls other media players, an ATV, Mac Mini and a NUC PC also running Win8.1 with an MCE receiver. I used the XBMC profile in the My Harmony app ( manufacturer FLIRC). The problem is I would like to add some commands that are not in the XBMC profile. I know how to reassign button commands. For example, suppose I wanted to assign the Command (Windows) key to a button. Somehow I would have to get that button learned. I assume this would be done both by the Harmony and by the FLIRC software? Can the built in profiles in the FLIRC firmware be modified and saved as a different profile ( so as not to wreck the built in profiles)? How? Can I use the Windows command from an MCE Remote to teach FLIRC that command? If I then use it will there be a conflict with the FLIRC computer and the MCE NUC? Thanks...philip
  5. I emailed Jason about this but perhaps someone has a solution. I took a Flirc that I had been using with XBMC and Plex on my Mac Mini. I formatted it, disabled profiles and upgraded the firmware to 2.4. This is using Flirc 1.2.3 on a Mac ( same thing happened on a PC under win7). According to flirt_util there are no recorded buttons. Now I want to use it for my Fire TV so I took a device ( a PVR) which we don't own and made an Activity which yielded ir signals for each button. I then went to configure flirc: - pressed the Up arrow and flirc claimed the button was in use - erased the button - tried to record the key again and this time it said no space left for buttons I have tried this a zillion ways on usb3, usb2, mac, pc, no usb extension, usb extension,.... Does anyone have a solution? Such a need device but perhaps only for Plex and XBMC? Thanks, philip Edit: Here is what I get from the cli ./flirc_util space Memory Info: keys recorded: 0 keys remaining: 169 memory used: 0%
  6. I did this months ago and should have kept notes as I am now totally confused. Do you first set up the Harmony Activity using the appropriate devices, switch to that Activity and then have FLIRC learn the keys or do you use the phantom device, say some TV player, and have the device send the keys to FLIRC. If you use the device setting to do this then once you set up an Activity all the Harmony buttons are confused. In short, can I set up an Activity and use the Harmony software to assign things to the buttons ( perhaps from many sources) and then have FLIRC learn that? Philip
  7. I just did and it finally worked. So there appears is something about my usb3 ports which interferes with FLIRC. I did it on an older Mini running OSX 10.7 so perhaps it's the latest OS. Philip
  8. I tried forcing a firmware upgrade from my Mini running osx 10.9.2 and the latest FLIRC app. Seems stuck and won't complete. I am using usb3 ports. Is there another way of upgrading or restoring the FLIRC to the state it came in? Used to work great! Philip
  9. I have something similar going on. I had been using FLIRC with my Mac Mini and XBMC. Worked great. Ordered another for an Amazon Fire TV and in the meantime went to configure the FLIRC. I erase the configuration and had button assigned to all of my Harmony One. Unfortunately while the GUI said it was recording the keys in fact it wasn't. It kept mixing up everything. I was unable to get it to record F12 or any of the other keys I needed. It's as though after recording a few keys it would forget what was what. I tried forcing a firmware upgrade but that crashed my Mac in a big way. Is there a simple way to format the flirc so that it is as it came? Something really got messed up. I am using 10.9.2 on a Mini. I tried using the Panasonic TV suggestion but that didn't work. Trying to record play/pause kept shutting down the computer. So I reverted to your XBMC profile and filled in the rest of the keys with MCE stuff and made an activity with the Harmony. Used the remote when in that activity to record. That also failed. Am at a loss here. It's as though the flirc just stopped working. philip
  10. I am running version 1.2.3 and still get the error "dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/local/lib/libusb-1.0.0.dylib" This is with OSX 10.9.2 . I need it to map the menu key to the right of the right Alt key to a remote. Would be nice if this could be done graphically. philip
  11. @sspectre Thank you so much for this. I had tried many USB wireless keyboards with the FTV and the media keys were often reacting very differently depending on the wireless keyboard. Very odd. I am not familiar with "flirc_util record_api 0 101" . Can the mapping not be done with the GUI app and full keyboard? It's been a while since I set FLIRC up on my Mini for XBMC purposes. Anyway, this is really great info. I noticed that the FF and FW keys on the FTV remote will also allow for a skip ahead or back, fast movement, faster movement, fastest and then really fast if you hold them down. Do this work with FLIRC? That is, multiple key presses yielding different actions? Philip
  12. I have a wireless keyboard with trackball working with my Fire TV ( via a USB dongle). I can't seem to get keys for either FF or RW. Home is F12, microphone is F11, back is RW, play, stop, select and arrows all work. The option key seems to be ctrl-esc. Have you been able to map the FTV remote buttons to keyboard equivalents so that they work not only in XBMC? Philip
  13. At present this feature is quite limited and not all that useful. Philip
  14. Did you actually do it? I can't seem to find any account of anyone getting it to work on a Fire TV. You can actually use HDMI-CEC to get play, stop, back ( rewind button on my TV), select but I haven't been able to get Home, options nor fastforward/rewind. Philip
  15. Will the flirc work with this new media player using a Harmony ir remote? Philip
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