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  1. Hi all I've been hugely frustrated by the "slow" feel of the Harmony 700 I bought to use with my HTPC + flirc. I've tried using various different device profiles on the Harmony software (Panasonic TV as per another thread, Sky+ HD controller, Windows Media Centre profile), but I always seem to get annoying amounts of lag. It's not huge, but enough that it doesn't feel as natural as a normal remote. I've tried setting the delays on the Harmony to zero, and I've changed sensitivity to zero on my flirc, with no real improvement. Just as a test, I reset my flirc and recorded a few new commands from my plain old Sony Bravia remote. The difference was amazing - it felt very snappy to use. This confirms my belief that the flirc isn't causing the lag. Do all-in-one remotes just have more lag associated with them due to the added complexity? Am I setting my expectations too high? At this point I'm thinking of just setting the Harmony and finding an old "simple" DVD remote or such that works better. Thanks
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