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  1. Where do I find the flirc software setup if I can't even see it in Explorer? And yes I do need to record some keys. system will allow unsigned drivers. UAC is also off and to ensure unasigned drivers are allowed I used gpedit.msc Same issue: Flirc isn't seen at all in explorer and flirc driver is not found on both computers and for both flirc devices
  2. No.. One is a laptop and the other is a PC. One is home edition and the other is ultimate
  3. I in fact tried to install two different Flirc on two different Win 7 machines and in both cases I get: USB Composite Device - Ready to use USB Input Device - Ready to use flirc - No driver found Any direct?
  4. Has anyone tried Flirc on LinuxMCE yet or can it even be done?
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