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  1. This last time as soon as I opened the app it started upgrading the firmware automatically.  I have had an issue in the past where it lost everything and wouldn't register as the FLIRC and I had to follow one of the steps in this page, but that was probably a 6 months ago.  It may be something is just wearing out, I believe I got it fairly early on. 

  2. The flirc dongle keeps losing its firmware.  I happened today when the power went out.  It has also done it 3-5 times in the past few months without a power outage.  Usually if I open the software it auto upgrades the firmware and fixes the problem  A few times I have had to manually force a firmware upgrade from the app. The firmware is version 3.8 and the app is version 1.4.4.  Any suggestions on how to make the firmware stick? 

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