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  1. Hiya, JUst wondering if this was resolved? I have the exact same thing happen...Flirc working perfectly for a really long time, 6-8+ months at least...firmware in Flirc was 2.6. I'm using OpenElec XBMC in a Intel NUC. XBMC is Frodo 13.2, and I don't think it's updated for a while either. A few days ago, for no reason, XBMC starts going nuts like a key press is stuck...I had to turn off the device. When it came back on the Flirc wouldn't work any more. Hooked Flirc up to my laptop with Windows 7 and updated firmware from 2.6 to 3.1. Then I clicked 'Go' in the Flirc software and pushed the buttons to memorize them on my silver Apple remote. The key recording isn't sticking, I can't get it to remember the keys now :( Any help is much appreciated. James
  2. Okay so now that I have firmware v255.1 from RC6...how can I downgrade it back to the normal stable 1.01 version? I keep getting "unsupported firware, try upgrading" error... Thanks
  3. I found RC6, not sure if that's the latest...but I installed it and it was finally able to fix it...very frustrating though, spent 2-3hrs trying various things. Working great now :) Thanks
  4. Hiya, New to Flirc, upgraded device (tried to anyway) to RC4 and it failed locked up during firmware upgrade... removed beta software, re-installed stable and now just trying to get it working again. Trying to manually re-install driver(per instructions in FAQ) but its not working properly after doing so. I'm using Windows 7 64bit if that matters...any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advanced...
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