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  1. Is it possible to export my flirc configuration and import to a different flirc? I have multiple that have the same controller.
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    Unfortunately no, I have decided to just keep my keyboard around and exit xbmc when watching premium TV. all of the 2 chans that I have any interest in. I do know some people have used eventghost to alter the input commands when in xbmc or mc7 and are okay with that.
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    Having a heck of a time getting the flirc to play nice with both xbmc and mc7. I does anybody have any experience with using this reg file? http://xbmccustomreg...ourceforge.net/ Just trying to make this as wife proof as possible before I leave on business. mc7 strictly for live tv. xbmc for everything else. I am confused in the order in which all steps should be taken and which options to use. Basically everything. In the logitech software - add media center pc -> microsoft -> se. In the flirc software which configuration option do I use? windows media (which has no up/down chan buttons btw)? Full keyboard? xbmc. I have configured this option and enabled the MCE remote addon in xbmc and had 0 luck. Not sure what else to do... Is there anybody else out there with a similar setup that can make suggestions? Once this is all said and done will be happy to create a tutorial for the site as this has lead to much frustration. thank you
  4. hmm according to http://xbmcmce.sourceforge.net/ his mce remote addon should be able to do the trick. Will try when I have some free time.
  5. Looking to figure out the best solution to navigate in both XBMC and MC7 (strictly for live tv). I am have created shortcut keys for both applications my issue lies in navigation within both apps.
  6. Hi Chris, Thanks for the quick reply. I figured out my issue was that the profile/device I had set to use with the flirc did not have any functions programmed for those buttons on the remote. All fixed for now. Next issue is trying to figure out the best configuration to switch between XBMC and WMC7 for live tv. Any suggestions?
  7. Quick bit of info - Tried with both the Panasonic TC-P65VT30 and the Samsung LN46C650L1F.1 Currently using stock fw V1 - “,” / “.” Skip chapter back, forward (|<<, >>|) (ChapPrev, ChapNext) Skip 30 seconds Previous, Next Page Up, Big Scroll Up (between Menu, Info) TrackingDn Page Down, Big Scroll Down (between Exit, Guide) TrackingUp Any insight would be greatly appreciated
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