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  1. Nm used another profile. STB, code 1300. All buttons bar two active. All working good now!
  2. seems like the MC codes and the microsoft ones utilise all the buttons, but some some really annoying reason I have to hit the keys 2-3 times for them to respond. Is there a fix?
  3. Hi, does anyone have a code that utilises all the buttons on the remote? some buttons don't work on 1579.
  4. Thanks for the responses people. I'm going to go for the all for one remote as it looks nicer to use than the harmony 300. I'll use some random codes for devices by companies that I don't have, should do the trick. I'll let you guys know how I get on with it (prolly be about august now for my flirc) so look out for that :-P
  5. Hah, I've just realised that the arrow keys in xbmc double as the step big and small buttons during playback. And enter opens the osd. Bonus. I think ill get this all for one remote unless anyone here thinks it's a bad choice :-)
  6. Hi folks, been looking into what remotes to use plus been lurking on here looking at people's experiences. Regarding universal remotes: how would these work with flirc? Would they have to be set to a specific brand of device if it has the option of adding a manufacturer code like with the harmony remote? And if it doesn't have that option, would it work with flirc at all? Looking for a decent one that does all the functions I want, not that many have 2 sets of skip/search buttons to map the slow step, and skip music tracks. This one http://www.amazon.co.uk/One-For-All-URC7960-Smartcontrol/dp/B0030GDLYS/ref=sr_1_34?ie=UTF8&qid=1336517607&sr=8-34 Has options for tv, music player etc. Is it possible to use the music mode on this remote as well as the video mode? so for music I can switch to music mode and use the skip buttons as skip track, and in video use them for small step? Also buttons like volume can those be doubly mapped so they do the same thing on each mode? And one last question, can anyone recommend a definitive universal remote control that is under £20 for use with flirc? I looked at the harmony 300 and the rest, and honestly I'm not too keen on the buttons on any of them.
  7. Hi, At the moment I am using my PS3 bluetooth remote with eventghost, and use it with XBMC and total media for playing blu rays. Flirc looks like it only works with keyboard commands and is not program spacific. XBMC and total media and other programs use their own keyboard commands, so buttons on the remote cannot be reused in another app if it uses a different keyboard function. I also have events that shutdown and reboot windows If I hold down the corrosponding coloured buttons. This is all perfect and all, but UNFORTUNATLY since it uses blu ray, it eats batteries like pacman eats pills! I've tried the remote sleep app but it sometimes unpairs the remote. I have ordered a flirc, it seems to be about the only alternative solution for me (my system came with an mce like remote, but it cheap and nasty, and the cir driver is also cheap and nasty). So finally the main question: would it be possible to fully run flirc through eventghost so it does what it does for the ps3 remote? I would like to take this oppertunity to say thank you for creating such an awesome device! it is a real shame that the big companies are not catering for the HTPC market when it is such a big one.
  8. Just ordered one of these AWESOME looking devices (out of stock until July, these things are selling like hot cakes!!), and can stop using the power hungry PS3 remote. I have a PS2 remote going to waste, anyone tried this on flirc?
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