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  1. I cannot maximize the Flirc Gui to full size but I think it says firmware 2.6
  2. Ok I received the new Flirc,(thanks for that). Still have the same problems. Also, now I get an error saying no room for new buttons. I have only truied to program 5 buttons so far. Is there any problem with Windows 7 64 perhaps?
  3. I tride on another remote ealier and the same problem. "Button Already Exists" I was looking ro downgrade the firmware but could not find an active download.
  4. I could not figure out what program to use for reading the config files so I uploaded them here https://www.wuala.com/pdlibrary/flirc/?key=HE3SDpHqrEPM
  5. HI, I just received my Flirc today and I am getting the infamouse "Button Already Exists" error. I have tried disabling "default Profiles" in Advanced Settings already. I am running WIndows 7 64. I know Flirc shuold work because I do have 1 buttong working (left button)' I have an Ipazzport Remote I am trying to use on a Fire TV Any help would be appreciated I really do not want to return this, I just want to get it working.
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