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  1. Yes, that is indeed a good option :-) On the other side ... a long press button could be an additional feature of Flirc and shouldn't be a problem
  2. Yes, the combination of Harmony and the internal ir receiver is not perfect as the original remote ...
  3. I try to use Flirc with the following setup: - Dreambox Sat Receiver - Logitech Harmony Elite Dreambox will support a keyboard to control the receiver ... but unfortunately 2 functions are mapped to long press keys. Any ideas how to solve this issue?
  4. This will not solve my problem. I have the following situation: - ESC on keyboard = Exit - Long ESC on keyboard = Power On/Off I want to assign the first option (ESC) to one key on my harmony remote and the other option (long ESC) to another key on my harmony remote
  5. Hi, is it possible to send a long press keyboard signal (like long press F1 or long press ESC) to the attached device with a Flirc V1? To be clear ... I don't want to use log key press on a remote button ... the Flirc device should simulate a long key press on the virtual keyboard. Best regards, Albert
  6. Problem solved :-) I've choosed another Remote-Profile in my Harmony-Software and now everything works perfect.
  7. Hello, I try to control my Dreambox (Linux based SAT receiver with Enigma) with FLIRC and my Harmony ONE. But I have an annoying effect: If I press a button on my ONE once, it's fine ... if I press the same button a second time, nothing happens ... and if I press the same button a third time it's again fine (and I can repeat as long as I could). Every second click is not working. If I use different buttons it's working sometimes ... but more or less every second click is also not working. Any idea why this is happining and how can I change this behaviour. With this setup I'm not able to control my Dreambox. By default, the Dreambox can be controlled by a keyboard and FLIRC is recognized well. Best regards, Albert
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