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  1. Hello, on Linux, there is a specification for supporting 'Media Player Remote Interfacing' [http://specifications.freedesktop.org/mpris-spec/latest/]. Very many Linux Media Player really adhere to this specification (e.g. vlc, banshee, rhythmbox). Sometimes, a plugin is needed, for example XMBC needs http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Add-on:MPRIS_D-Bus_interface . It would be very cool if Flirc would support MPRIS 2.2 on Linux. I guess that this would beak down to the following: Provide a special keyboard layout in the Flirc application the could map the MPRIS functionality. Provide a software daemon that translates the Flirc dongle (emulated) key strokes to MPRIS DBus events. Kind regards, aanno
  2. Hallo, is there someone aware of the technical details of the configuration file format handled by the Flirc application? Kind regards, aanno
  3. Hello, as far as I understand the flirc USB dongle translates IR remote control signals to (emulated) keyboard keycodes (non-technical: key strokes). There are many 'real' keyboards with special 'multimedia keys' on it (extra keys for play/pause, forward, backward, etc.). However the current Flirc application does not support mapping to such a keycode (even when mapping with 'full keyboard'). I would suggest that the Flirc application should be improved to support 'extended keyboard', so that you can define a mapping from RCs keys to (emulated) multimedia keys. Kind regards, aanno
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