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  1. Hi again!

    It's some time since I needed to reconfigure my flirc ... and I'm a bit rusty.

    I want to program a remote key to Shutdown XBMC - I tried mapping to the xbmc keyboard 'shutdown' key (the power off button).. When I try this with Xbian (raspberry pi) I just get an onscreen popup saying 'not available'.

    Can anyone help on how to get 'Shutdown' with one key press?

    For example, say I want f4 assigned to Shutdown .... ?



    I created a keyboard.xml file containing


    I put this in /system/keymaps/ within xbmc folder

    Assigned f4 to a remote key.

    This has no effect when in xbmc.


  2. I have no idea if this is a flirc or xbmc bug (flirc is suspect because I haven't seen the problem using keyboard or mouse).

    I have a key mapped to Favorites. This pops up and I can select and play a favorite.

    If I put the PC into sleep when it wakes up everything works as expected BUT then (randomly) selecting a favorite stream causes a complete lock-up of the PC. Only a hard reboot can recover.

    Win 7 32 and pre-Eden xbmc.

    Any thoughts.

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